The Dutch Radio Frequency Agency asked NeoDyn to take on an interim management job. For 8 months NeoDyn, together with the people from the Radio Frequency Agency, restarted a team of professionals.

In collaboration with a local partner NeoDyn has drafted new telecommunications legislation for two large countries in the Middle East. The law enables the authorities to liberalise their telecommunications markets in an effective manner. The draft law integrates the best of the current and the previous European model with the local circumstances. This pragmatic approach enhances the chances of fast economic growth for the countries.

NeoDyn organised various trainings and workshops in the are of competition regulation: market analysis, dispute resolution, appeal procedures and internet safety are examples.

On behalf of mobile operator Vodafone, NeoDyn played a leading role in the conclusion of two major self regulation agreements. In the SMS Code of Conduct the market parties agreed on measures to ensure that consumers will not unintentionally be attached to expensive SMS-subscriptions. In the Code of Conduct for Mobile Internet Services the sector agreed on terms under which paid services may be provided on the mobile internet.

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